My Journey In The Fitness Industry...

I have been in the fitness industry for over 12 years as a Personal Trainer, former Fitness Model Competitor, Crossfit Gym Manager and Group Fitness Instructor. For the past 8 years I have successfully run my own fitness company in Dublin & have recently started to work at events & with corporate clients.  I have a deep understanding of the business & a real passion for motivating and inspiring others to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. I hold numerous fitness qualifications and certifications.

Over the years I have instructed many different types of group classes, but I wanted to find a different method to health and fitness that was unique, effective, and above all extremely enjoyable for people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. In 2010 I discovered Boogie Bounce, a mini trampoline class born in the UK. I became an instructor and brought it back to Ireland. It was the first of its kind and has proven to be extremely successful since. I run sold out classes each week across two venues.

Now I am an International Master Trainer for the brand helping to train up new BBX instructors worldwide.

I spent 3 months at the start of 2018 in Los Angeles helping to launch Boogie Bounce in multiple gyms and trained up 27 new instructors while I was there. During this time I also completed the AFAA Group Fitness Qualification in order to keep my industry knowledge to the highest of standards. I am also currently involved with two fitness apps, one for the BBX brand and more recently for a company based in California called DailyOM™.

My goal has always been to bring ground breaking fitness & healthy living into the lives of as many people as possible. Through the power of my weekly fitness classes, my involvement in mobile fitness apps, and now in corporate and wellness events, I am closer to my goal than ever before.

Currently, I am in the process of launching my new company JumpFit™. This will embody all my fitness & wellness services that I have to offer.

I strongly believe that if you can visualize something happening then you can make it happen. My dream is to make a positive impact and leave a lasting impression on both the fitness & corporate wellness world here in Dublin & Ireland.

My Qualifications within the fitness industry

emma cert- 13
emma cert- 9
emma cert- 10
emma cert- 12
emma cert- 11

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