Finally!! The Corporate wellness program that Ireland has been waiting for...

Finally!! The Corporate wellness program that Ireland has been waiting for...


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Emma Has Been Featured On...


We had Emma Weafer from JumpFit at WellFest as our headline act in the KBC WellGood Tent where we were running different activities over the weekend.

Emma was extremely professional, delivering fantastic, fun and energetic exercise classes. Her classes (Boogie Bounce™) are centred around trampoline exercise and is suited for all levels. I would recommend Emma for her enthusiasm and physical training which can be tailored for any event.

Michael King

Project Manager at Titan Experience

It's now Time to Address Employees Wellness Needs, Reclaim Your portion of the 11 million sick days reported Annually in ireland, And Build Your Greatest Workforce Yet!

Improve overall health and wellbeing

The major benefits of a healthy workforce can’t be underestimated. While improving the lives of your employees, the employer reaps the rewards that a happy & healthy worker produces on a daily basis

Raise employee engagement levels

Company wellness programs should have a positive impact on employees lives both inside and outside of the workplace.

The benefits of this are two-fold. The employees have an improved quality of life and the employer gets somebody who is more likely to have a positive attitude when it comes to their job. A positive attitude in the workplace is infectious and should be a major goal of every company in 2018

Help employees fight mental illness

A well thought out wellness program can boost social interaction within the workplace. This along with the positive reinforcement in our wellness program plays a key role in the fight against mental health issues

Build a rock solid company culture

Without doubt when people feel part of something bigger than themselves, good things happen and great companies are built.

The very nature of a wellness program involves sharing successes, failures, and more time than usual spent bonding with co-workers. When people bond, they of course must communicate with each other. Great communication is at the very core of a thriving company culture

Discover How JumpFit Can Help!

We can build a plan that suits your current businesses situation. We provide onsite and offsite wellness services in order to serve our clients best. If you want to build a well rounded team that can perform at the highest level, we are here to help you achieve that goal.

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If Building a Great Company With a Happy & Healthy Workforce Is Your Goal, Then Our Wellness Program Can Help You Do That And More...

Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

Corporate Wellness Programs Are The Future!

By developing a wellness program and making it a vital part of your company now, you are being proactive and future proofing before the inevitable strikes. Today employee wellness programs are not a must have (they should be), but acting now ensures you are ahead of the curve the day that a wellness program is a must-have for every company in Ireland.



The Secret Recruitment Weapon

Employees want These Programs

Studies have shown that employees want companies to take an active role in their health and well-being. If you can show potential employees that you are meeting their needs and offering a program that truly works. It will give you an advantage over every other company that is offering bare bones solutions when it comes to corporate wellness.

Establishing a wellness program should be a priority for every company in Ireland,

The benefits for EMPLOYERS & EMPLOYEES are just too good to ignore...

  • Gain mind control (in the right and nice way) over your employees by giving them the one feeling that everybody on the planet craves. The feeling that they are “wanted”. Everyone wants to know they are an important part of the company and their role is not underestimated in the slightest. In giving people a wellness program, you are standing up, banging your chest, and screaming from the rooftops “we care about you, and we want you to be at your best, at this company, for a long time to come”. People respond to that sort of statement. It’s just human nature.
  • Reduction in number of smokers, and reduced binge drinking by employees by promoting healthy behaviour change.
  • Effortlessly build a sense of community within the workplace with employees and employers coming together to participate in group classes.
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    Boost productivity levels right across the board when your personnel are physically and mentally in peak condition.
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    Create a rock solid company culture and ethos that people would die to be a part of.
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    Attract the top talent in your industry and retain the established talent you already have within your company.
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    Build employee moral with people sharing common goals, failures, and success stories as they progress throughout the program.
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    Lower levels of stress, anxiety, and depression within your personnel. These issues all contribute to an increase in work related errors, higher rates of absenteeism, and lower levels of productivity on an individual and collective basis. 
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    Decrease rates of absenteeism within your organisation by encouraging people to take part in your wellness program.

The Fact Of The Matter Is...

  • Employees that have healthy glucose levels, healthy cholesterol, and healthy blood pressure have better attendance rates.
  • Employees that are not obese or overweight also have better attendance rates.
  • Employees who have less stress in their lives have better attendance rates.
  • Employees with healthy behaviours in their lives have better attendance rates.
  • Wellness programs can also have a positive impact on absenteeism due to the increased morale that the programs naturally build within the participant.

Breath. Bounce. Produce.

Reduce rates of absenteeism in your company, create a rock solid company culture, and skyrocket productivity within your business. Request a JumpFit package that suits your current situation and reap the benefits that rebounding produces.

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Born To Bounce...

From Dublin to Los Angeles (and back), the Co-Founder of JumpFit, Emma Weafer, has got all your rebounding needs covered. Emma is an International Master Trainer for Boogie Bounce™ & is proud to now offer two BBX rebounding courses to the corporate world.

Emma Has Been Featured On...


Emma has spent the last 12 years exploring, researching, and immersing herself in the fitness industry.

She holds multiple fitness qualifications and certifications. To find out more about Emma and her journey, 

Check out her full timeline of events in the fitness industry... right here

Unleash your Team's potential!

We offer our clients packages that all revolve around one core belief.

That belief is that rebounding and specifically the two BBX programs we offer, are the best exercises that you can offer to employees today.

NASA hit the proverbial nail on the head when they said that…


“Rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man”

NASA - Journal of Applied Physiology 

We ​really couldn't of said it better ourselves.

Suitable For Everyone

Regardless of age, shape, size, or fitness level, we can help everyone begin to live a healthier life.


Say goodbye to sore joints. limbs, and muscles. Rebounding provides a 95% reduction in stress and impact on the body during the workout. 

Fun & Effective

Yes! Rebounding provides a way for every muscle from your feet to your face to get an effective workout.

Introducing the two Corporate Wellness Packages That We Currently Offer To Our clients here in Ireland

Original BBX Class

Contact For Rates

We only offer this class onsite subject to available space at your location.

  • 50 minute BBX class choreographed to music on a mini trampoline (20-30 min class options available)
  • Extremely effective cardio section
  • Check
    Powerful bums, tums and thighs section
  • Check
    Excellent, non-impact, aerobic exercise
  • Check
    Suitable for all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels
  • Check
    Complete exercise programme on a mini trampoline
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    Stress buster & productivity monster
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    2-3 times more efficient than normal aerobics
  • Check
    This BBX option will need a larger room/space and we can accommodate up to 30 people onsite or offsite. For larger events, we also offer this onsite and offsite and can accommodate up to 70 people depending on the space available at the location of the event.

Monthly Discount Packages Available

BBX Revolution Class

Contact For Rates

Offsite or onsite options available. With limited space at your location, this is the best choice.

  • 45 minute class (20-30 min class options also available)
  • Powerful HIIT style workout
  • Circuit class with a mix of cardio & strength training   
  • Mini trampolines take care of the cardio section of the workout, and floor based stations for the muscle strength and endurance stations
  • Kick your metabolism into overdrive with this fun, effective circuit class.
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    Combine intervals of high-intensity cardio on our rebounder, with strength training on one of the floor stations, and send your companies moral through the roof.
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    Circuit training in the workplace is the perfect workout for a time-crunched fitness frenzy.
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    Incorporate individual "stations" as part of a whole-body circuit, this way you're guaranteed to hit every major and minor muscle group in the body.
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    The BBX Revolution Circuit Class can be done in a relatively small space compared to The Original BBX class option. If you are concerned about space, this is the option that you want to choose. We can accommodate up to 30 people onsite and 40 offsite.

Monthly Discount Packages Available

Yes yes, I hear you, rebounding is simply bouncing up and down on a trampoline!

You are right, that’s what rebounding is. But, when you follow a proven system like the one we offer here at JumpFit, you can transform peoples lives in more ways than you think.

You can revolutionise your workforce almost overnight and help your employees become the best version of themselves both in the workplace and outside of ​it.

You see, currently, you (and everyone you know) have about 75 trillion cells in your body. By jumping up and down on a rebounder you are flexing those cells at a rate of 100 times per minute. Really you want to flex the cells in your body as often as possible.

The two main reasons for this is because:

  • When cells get flexed, just like your muscles, they strengthen.
  • Cells also contain toxicity and by flexing them (jumping up and down on a rebounder), your body excretes toxins, that then get removed by your lymphatic system.

If you want your employees to be at their peak year round, if you want their bodies and minds to become stronger, happier, and healthier, than rebounding and JumpFit is the answer.

There is nothing that comes within a mile of what just 20-30mins on a rebounder can do for a person. There is simply no other exercise on this planet that can apply the perfect weight and movement to cells in the body like rebounding does….

It’s a complete game changer!!
And now the Irish corporate world can become the latest victims of this kick-ass, fun, and low-impact exercise!

When you put your people through a rebounding program, their…

  • Endurance for life will increase
  • Strength needed to think through tough workplace problems will go through the roof
  • Flexibility and adaptability will improve
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    Circulation and heart health will be healthier
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    Digestive system will thank them
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    Physical and mental state will be drastically improved

If you want to spend as little as 10 mins per day boosting the potential of every employee's mind and body, then you need to work with us To Implement a wellness program at your business! it's that simple!!

You know, through the power of rebounding, we can help you…

  • Build a team of “trained assassins” that have truly unlocked and unleashed the power of their mental and physical efficiency. By ramping up the bodies oxygen levels and decreasing toxicity, your team will be ready to kill (of course, not literally) on command.
  • Promote a healthier way of life within the company. Rebounding can naturally lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels of your employees. With the increased oxygenation and dilation of the blood vessels in the body. Blood flow is improved and happy hearts and bodies are born.
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    Give employees the chance to reduce body fat, and work every major and minor muscle group in the body.
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    Provide a more effective means of keeping your employees healthy. Not even “the go-to choice” cycling or jogging can offer what we can.
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    Boost the day to day energy that’s required to reach both team, and individual targets, and obliterate major company goals that have been previously established.

You Get…

  • To Reap all the benefits that cardiovascular exercise can have on your employees, and avoid the negative effects that a brutal workout can have on the body (and a persons productivity). Due to the low-impact nature of rebounding, sore hips, legs, arms, and feet, will be a thing of the distant past for you and your team.
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    Your team to avoid the trauma on the body that regular cardiovascular exercise has, and step into the world of 95% shock and stress reduction that rebounding provides.
  • To Reduce absenteeism rates at your company. Every company wants to see their employees turn up for work on a consistent basis. The bottom line is, absenteeism equals lost revenue and missed opportunities. 
  • thumbs-o-up
    Your team rebounding with us, which will send their lymphatic circulation sky high. The lymphatic fluid contains about 70% of the white blood cells that eat parasites, viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells. Just like every employee at your company, it’s vital that the lymphatic system operates at its maximum efficiency at all times. Rebounding greatly helps it do exactly that.

Is it possible to operate at 100%...

100% of the time?

Nobody can do that. But by working with us, you will at the very least, be giving people the chance to be at their best. Rebounding builds stronger cells that will give people more energy, vitality, and health.

You have the power to bring this into the lives of the people around you!

What are you waiting for?

Be the boss (or colleague) that took the steps required to help the people you work with on a whole host of different levels.

Rebounding helps strengthen cells. Strong cells are what we need to survive. In terms of your employees, the stronger the cells, the better the person is at performing on a daily basis.

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